Welcome to the Middle School


Welcome to the Middle School

The middle school quad is vibrant and lively with chatter and energetic interaction between student and teachers all day long.

Learning is enjoyable and engaging, as students use the entire 11-acre campus for project based experiential study.

The most compelling learning experiences merge a variety of skills and subjects beyond the classroom walls. The study of the Middle Ages culminates in our annual Renaissance Faire where history, art, literature, drama, and science combine in a day-long event. The Ancient Greeks come to life every spring in the Olympic games — including javelin, discus, shield design, chariot races, and a feast of Olympic proportions.

Middle Schoolers take experiential learning far beyond campus in our interdisciplinary overnight trips which explore the wonders of our beautiful state of California as naturalists and archaeologists in Yosemite and the Santa Cruz mountains. Eighth graders complement their study of American history with trip to our nation’s capital.

Back on campus Middle School students explore a myriad of electives, ranging from yoga, farm-to-fork gardening, Maker Lab for design and building, and the history of rock and roll which includes laying down original and cover tunes in our brand new state-of-the-art recording studio.

Our “no-cut” athletic program, which includes volleyball, basketball, cross-country, soccer, track and field, golf and flag football, competes in the Parochial Athletic League.

Our eighth graders finish their three years with a student led conference showcasing, with their digital portfolios, their habits of mind and confidence.