Tepring Piquado, Ph.D. (‘97)


Tepring Piquado, Ph.D. (‘97) is a proud alumna of Sacramento Country Day School and former high school and middle school teacher. After graduating from Country Day, she went to Georgetown where she received a B.S. in computer science, then Brandeis where she received a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Currently, Tepring spends time in Sacramento working as chief policy director at California Issues Forum, and in Los Angeles as a policy researcher at RAND Corporation and professor of ethics at Pardee RAND Graduate School. 

At California Issues Forum, Tepring provides advisory guidance and analysis on active bills and major issues being considered by state legislators. At RAND, she leads projects that provide evidence-based guidance to federal, state and local decision-makers. She has published across a wide range of topics including traumatic brain injury, emerging technologies, human-machine systems, DNA sequencing, and military workforce transitions.