Soyla Fernández


Soyla Fernández founded Fernández Government Solutions LLC in 2004 – now doing business as Fernández Cervantes Government Affairs (FCGA). Her successful firm is experienced in the development of political and legislative strategies to implement effective advocacy programs for corporate and public sector clients. As a former consultant to the legislature and the executive branch, Ms. Fernández is knowledgeable in a variety of political, policy, and budget issues.

FCGA’s success is due to Ms. Fernández’ previous solid legislative and executive branch experience – most notably with positions as a deputy director of the Assembly Budget Committee, senior budget consultant to former Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa, and as a Gubernatorial appointee with the formerly named Business, Transportation and Housing Agency. While in those positions, Ms. Fernández honed her political, policy and budget insight in her preferred areas of transportation, communications, economic development, housing, information technology, social services and immigration.

Ms. Fernández has been the lead lobbyist or consultant to almost 60 clients. FCGA’s diverse client base spans local governments, public and private corporations, governing bodies, industry associations, and not-for-profit organizations in California and across the country. Ms. Fernández provides clients with comprehensive issue analysis, strategic planning, resource identification, as well as guidance on implementation. Ultimately, FCGA helps clients frame the debate, forge broad-based coalitions, find creative solutions and, above all else, achieve their strategic and policy objectives.

Ms. Fernández has become a powerful ally to clients and legislators in Sacramento and beyond. She has established strategic partners in Washington, DC and Phoenix, AZ with firms that are specialists in public affairs, issues advocacy and public relations. These additional partnerships greatly expand FCGA’s national and regional advocacy outreach.

In addition to running her full-service lobbying firm, Ms. Fernández gives of her time and resources to local, regional and national capacity building and philanthropic efforts. These include having served on the St. Hope Public Schools board helping to build Sacramento’s premier inner city charter school. With a major focus on helping local families and students, Ms. Fernández funds and manages a family charity fund through the Sacramento Regional Community Foundation, making various contributions to worthy local efforts, including an annual holiday gift-giving project to farmworker families and a scholarship to graduating high school seniors in Colusa. Further, her firm has previously partnered with Sacramento’s Christo Rey High School’s work-study program providing internship opportunities to the school’s students. Students, primarily from low-income families, learn about the policy making process, while at the same time gaining valuable work skills.

Ms. Fernández serves on the board of Capital Public Radio, especially focused on capital development campaigns to expand the broadcaster’s capacity and reach. Additionally, she serves on the board of directors for WEAVE, helping to support their mission. Further, she serves on the board of the of the Latino Leaders Network, a national organization aimed at bringing high profile Latino leaders together for information sharing and networking.