New Employees for 2021-22


While we are still in the process of hiring some positions, we are pleased to welcome the following new employees for the 2021-22 school year.

Lower School

Lisa Williams, Pre-Kindergarten Director and Lead Teacher

Lisa Williams is joining Country Day with 20 years of experience as a Pre-K teacher. She joins us from Tulsa, Oklahoma where she has been an integral part of Oklahoma’s nationally recognized universal Pre-K program. She participated with Tulsa Public Schools in Georgetown University’s high quality Pre-K research project, as well as collaborating with University of Tulsa education department’s focus on the importance of oral language in the early years.  Lisa has a master’s in Urban Education but she is just as proud of her two times as her school’s Teacher of the Year. She and her husband (a P.E. teacher) love traveling the world, but they are so excited to finally make California their home.

Erin Post, Pre-Kindergarten Assistant

Erin Post is happy to be joining the Pre-Kindergarten team. She has previous experience working in First grade and Pre-Kindergarten, and spent a summer as a camp counselor at Country Day. She has also spent valuable time at home raising her three young children and volunteering in their classrooms. One of her favorite volunteer activities was her role as an Art Docent, where she taught lower elementary students about various artists and their techniques, then guided the students through a related art lesson. 

Erin is a true believer in developing the whole child. She believes that creating a safe community within the classroom allows students to develop appropriate social/emotional skills and thus feel safe enough to take risks in their academic learning.  She loves the emphasis that Country Day places on community, experiential learning and developing all aspects of a child’s self. 

When she is not in the classroom or shuttling her kids to and from activities, Erin enjoys reading, gardening, exercising and exploring new places with her husband. She is also enjoying challenging herself as she attempts to re-learn the Spanish language through online tutoring. 

Erin earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Scripps College and her Multiple Subject teaching credential with CLAD at California State University, Sacramento. 

High School

Malak Abou Faour, Physics and Math

Malak Abou Faour joins our outstanding STEM team to teach 9th grade Physics, Algebra II, and AP Physics C. With 13 years of experience teaching high school physics and degrees in both physics and education from Lebanese University, Malak comes with a rare and powerful combination of deep understanding of complex physics and finely tuned teaching craftsmanship.  Fluent in English, Arabic, and French, Malak adds a unique multinational perspective to our campus.

Diego Panasiti, Spanish and 10th Grade English Literature

A uniquely talented educator, Diego Panasiti brings a wide-range of extraordinary talents to Country Day. An experienced Spanish teacher and a Latin-American literature and culture specialist with a B.A. from Rutgers University and a M.A. from the University of Maryland, Diego adds to our Spanish program and helps build our 10th grade humanities curriculum towards a remarkable study of global migration. As a skilled wilderness guide and trained first-responder, Diego will also add a layer of safety to our campus and will potentially help develop our outdoor education program. 

Alicia Perla, College Counselor

Alicia Perla brings a wealth of academic excellence to this position. In volunteer positions, Alicia has worked closely with Breaththrough Sacramento and with the College Counselors at Country Day. As a parent of two Country Day students, Alicia understands and believes in our mission and our strength of community. She holds a B.S. from Columbia University, a J.D. from The University of Michigan, and an expected College Admission and Career Planning Certificate from the University of California, Berkeley.


Alma Ponce, Middle School Spanish and Lower School Art

Alma Ponce joined Country Day in 2020-21 as a Lower School substitute teacher. This year, she will take on the roles of Middle School Spanish teacher and Lower School Art teacher.