Melinda Levy


Melinda is a neutral attorney mediator with Finding Common Ground Mediation & Law Services® and brings a wealth of professional and personal experience to her role.

Before dedicating her career entirely to mediation, Melinda combined her passions for leadership, business and cars as in-house counsel for The Niello Company.

Melinda is a member of the Association of Professional Family Mediators and serves on its training verification committee. 

She holds professional certifications in both Human Resources Management (SHRM and HRCI) and Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

Quinn Maguire is Melinda’s youngest son.  He proudly attends 5th grade at Sacramento Country Day.  Mary Maguire and Maureen Smith co-parent Quinn with Melinda. 

Griffin is Melinda’s oldest son and will graduate from the St. Johnsbury Academy, an independent high school in Vermont, in 2023.

Melinda enjoys New Orleans cuisine, concerts, a good sense of humor and all things of interest to Quinn and Griffin.