Lunch Menu and Ordering


When you select your menu item for Monday that will be your standing order for each Monday for the month. Unfortunately, we can not place orders for individual weeks or single days. The school will rotate menu items periodically to offer more variety but will continue with high demand items. 

Due to our commitments with our restaurant partners, we are unable to make short notice changes to selected menus.  We understand student sick days are unavoidable, but we are obligated to honor existing orders with our vendors. However, if you know your child will not need lunches for a week, please let us know in advance and we will work on your behalf to adjust our order. 

Sample Menu

  • Every Monday: (Boudin) Turkey and Havarti Sandwich on Sourdough with Chips
  • Every Tuesday: (Noodles & Company) Spaghetti and Meatballs with Tossed Salad
  • Every Wednesday: (Noah’s) Tuna sandwich with a side salad
  • Every Thursday: (Pizza Guys) Combination Pizza with a side of seasonal fruit 
  • Every Friday – (Chili’s) Two Chicken Tacos with Rice and Beans and a side of mandarin oranges

All lunch program selections are $7.60 for Middle and High School students.  Lower School lunches are $7.10. ​

Average Lunch Program Costs Per Month

The following chart illustrates the average cost per month for lunch orders in a 4-week month. 

Number of days per week ordering lunch

Middle School/

High School average

Lower School average

1 day per week



2 days per week



3 days per week



4 days per week



5 days per week