The Lower School Winters Library


Reading aloud is a hallmark of our students’ time in the library. In a sun-filled room filled with child-sized tables, matching chairs, and comfortable beanbags, the library is a space to silently read, read with friends, and listen to stories. Excellent reading is demonstrated and children are mentored in the habits, values, and strategies of proficient readers.

The librarian meets with each Lower School class regularly to read aloud and help students select books. At each grade level, books selected by the librarian support the themes and studies taking place in the classrooms.

The library hosts several special events each year, including the popular Toddler Story Hours for children age 0 to four years of age. Other events include:

  • All-school Read. In celebration of the birthday of Dr. Seuss, the Cat in the Hat visits on Read Across America Day. Part of the day includes an “all school read,” where students and teachers settle in for 15 minutes to read quietly or listen to a good story.  
  • Poem in Your Pocket Day. Read or recite a poem and get a treat!
  • The Birthday Book Program. Children select a book in honor of their birthday and give it to the library. A “donated by” bookplate is placed in the front of the book and the book moves to the library shelves for the reading pleasure of current and future students. 
  • The Book Bonanza. This fundraiser for our sister schools in Rulindo asks students to donate their no-longer-needed books for others to purchase.
  • Visiting authors.
  • Summer Reading Lists. At the end of the school year, reading lists by grade are created for children’s summer reading.