The Gypsy Jazz Combo scores straight 1’s at the Reno Jazz Festival and the Cruise Boat Combo earns a 2nd place trophy.


Two Country Day groups – the Cruise Boat Combo and the Gypsy Jazz Combo – traveled to Reno to compete in the Reno Jazz Festival. This festival is considered one of the top three most competitive festivals in the Western U.S., with over 8000 participants coming from six states throughout the west. The Gypsy Jazz Combo – Lily Brown, Keaton Ochoa, and Lucas Fishman – scored straight 1’s, 90 to 100 points out of 100, from all three judges and all three received medals. The Cruise Boat Combo earned the 2nd place trophy in the High School division for schools with fewer than 1000 students. Group members – Ben Miner, Heidi Johnson, and Allie Bogetich each received an outstanding musicianship medal.