Denise Santos
Lower School Physical Education


Denise Santos serves as one of the Country Day’s Lower School Physical Education Teachers. She is responsible for providing Kindergarten through 5th grade students developmentally appropriate physical education.

Denise earned her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Sacramento State University. She worked in the campus reaction center, The WELL, and at the Student Union all through her college career. Her position as the Group Fitness Supervisor included coordinating group fitness classes, organizing special events, and becoming a liaison to personal trainers. As a Building Supervisor, in the Union, she oversaw, managed, and enforced building policies to the student community.  

Denise did her student teaching in Natomas and Antelope. She was able to experience all grade levels, but more felt drawn to the younger students because of the “constant energy” they provided.

During her off time, Denise enjoys going to her CrossFit classes in East Sac and cooking delicious salmon meals. As a native of Monterey, CA, Denise takes multiple trips to the beach to remind her of home