Coronavirus Information
Last Updated: June 24, 2021


The health and safety of our students and community members is of the utmost importance to Country Day. It is important for each of us to take steps to protect those who are at the most risk of serious illness or death related to COVID-19.

Below is the current status of Country Day’s response to the coronavirus. Parents also may review additional information and resources on our Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources board in CavNET, our parent/student portal.

2021-22 School Year

Country Day plans to host in-person classes five days per week for all students PK-12 during the 2021-22 school year. Our calendar, schedule, and program will closely resembles the pre-pandemic “normal” operation, with the continuation of a number of health and safety measures.

Key highlights:

  • For the fall, California has adopted the recommendation of three feet of social distancing in most school settings, where practicable. 
  • We do not plan to run a full-scale optional remote learning program, but we will continue to support students with a medical need for accommodation and any student who is required to quarantine due to illness or exposure.
  • We continue to strongly encourage every eligible adult and child to get vaccinated.
  • The school will also continue to utilize other layers of transmission mitigation that are currently in place. 

Health and Safety Modifications for In-Person Learning

Country Day is confident that our COVID-19 policies provide a strong plan to protect our families, faculty, and staff. The policies and procedures were crafted with the input of Sacramento County Health Department and Country Day parents in the medical field and adhere to health and safety guidance by the CDC, the state of California, and the county. 

2020-21 COVID-19 modifications include:

  • Face coverings for everyone on campus
  • Physical distancing for everyone on campus
  • Health screening before entering campus for all employees, visitors, and students
  • Mandatory COVID-19 Testing for employees and students on campus
  • Required quarantine for those who travel or participate in gatherings
  • Enhanced campus cleaning
  • IQAir purifiers to every classroom on campus
  • MERV 13 filters in all of our HVAC units
  • Small Cohorts and Hybrid schedules
  • Plexiglass barriers in common areas
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout campus
  • Limiting campus visitors
  • Staff training in contact tracing

We are currently evaluating our modifications for the 2021-22 with new guidance in mind.

Policies and Guidance

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