Outside Fundraising
Policy & Form


Outside Fundraising Policy  

Sacramento Country Day School fundraising should relate to the pedagogy, curriculum,  strategic plan, mission, vision, and values of the school.  

Fundraising should create opportunities for students, teachers, and parents to work together to  accomplish mutual goals.  

Recognizing that there are times when it is appropriate and necessary to raise funds that are not covered by the operating budget for classes, community service initiatives, teams and clubs,  these activities should strive to promote an environment for learning and service to Country Day  and the community at large.  

In order to better coordinate the myriad of fundraising efforts at Country Day, the following  guidelines have been established: 

  • The Advancement Office will create and maintain a calendar of fundraising events. This  calendar will ensure that fundraising endeavors do not compete for time and that the  Country Day community is not fatigued or inundated with competing fundraising  requests.  
  • Any parent, student, faculty, staff, division, committee, or group that wishes to  raise funds during the school year must complete the attached Fundraising  Request Form outlining how, when, and for what purpose the fundraising will  occur. This should be completed a minimum of two weeks prior to the activity or  event.  
  • All fundraisers must have a Country Day faculty or staff point of contact. 
  • All fundraising requests will be considered. There will be a particular effort to minimize  the amount of activity during the critical Country Day Fund Campaign.  
  • Fundraisers should not be scheduled within two weeks of each other, in order to allow  parents  
  • Fundraisers cannot be publicized prior to the Fundraising Request Form being  submitted and approved. 

Fundraising Form

Please complete this form and submit it to the Advancement office.