Cochrane Libraries Endowment Fund
in memory of Andrew Cochrane '97


The Andrew Cochrane Libraries Endowment Fund was created in 2004, by Mike and Cheryll Cochrane and Alicia Koehnle Cochrane in memory of their son and grandson, Country Day alumnus Andrew Cochrane ’97. Since its founding, the Fund has grown to over $75,000.

The Cochrane family chose this focus for the memorial fund based on an appreciation for the endless pathways to knowledge and opportunities available in the library system. 

“Andrew had worked in the Summerbridge Program at Country Day, a program that reached out to under-resourced students in the greater Sacramento community. In keeping up with some of his students during the regular school year he quickly came to appreciate the importance of access to libraries and reference resources for all students,” says Cheryll.

Andrew’s classmates, friends, and family have given generously to the fund in his memory since it was established. This past year, with so much happening in our world, Cheryll and Mike felt there was an opportunity to revisit the focus of the fund to consider the growing needs of our diverse culture. The Cochrane family envisions opportunities for research on issues such as social justice, climate change, and cultural understanding, as these areas of focus relate to the overall concept of literacy at this time in our history. The fund will also continue, of course, to help our libraries maintain their excellence by providing literary, research, and technology resources.

“We feel that Country Day – its students, families, faculty, and staff – have a great deal to offer, learn, and share with each other, and the community. And, in turn that our community has a great deal to offer us in shared visions for the education of our future generations.” Cheryll Cochrane

We invite you to join us by making a gift to the Andrew Cochrane ‘97 Libraries Fund. Your donation will help sustain the long-term fiscal health of the school while building opportunities for Country Day to advance literacy within our school and the wider community. With your support, Country Day’s librarians will be able to invite thought-provoking and engaging speakers, purchase new resources and books, and launch initiatives to reach Country Day students and students all over the Sacramento region.

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