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Sacramento Country Day School

Welcome to Middle School

In the Country Day Middle School, students are challenged and supported as they navigate the pivotal transformations of adolescence. Led by a talented and dynamic team of educators, students are encouraged to explore interests and stretch beyond their comfort zones. Using a student-centered and interactive approach, teachers help Middle Schoolers develop critical thinking skills as they encourage students to question, investigate, collaborate, and problem-solve. In the process, students develop their confidence, resilience, and, ultimately, independence.

A highlight of the middle school experience is an extensive elective program. In addition to our core academic courses (English, math, history, science, world language, and physical education), students choose from a myriad of electives each term. With options ranging from drama or drawing to computer programming, from “Farm to Fork” in the school’s garden to “Athlete 101” in the weight room, and from knitting to chess, students are encouraged to dive into passions or try new things. I encourage you to check out the list of recent electives to see the wide range of possibilities. 

In addition to academic pursuits, the middle school program focuses on creating an inclusive and supportive community. Through daily advisory and weekly SEL classes, middle school students are asked to face conflicts, discuss diversity topics, and develop leadership skills. Whether in the classroom or on the quad, playing on sports teams or in the band, the overall goal of the Middle School is to develop a supportive environment for all students. 


Sarah Ostermueller
Head of Middle School