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Sacramento Country Day School

Beyond the Classroom

Middle School Trips

Outdoor Education is a highlight of the Middle School program at Sacramento Country Day School. Across three years, our community shares experiences in the lush coastal mountains near Santa Cruz, the granite crags of Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada, and the vibrant off-shore ecosystems of Catalina Island. Students learn about the natural and human history of each region through exploration and play. Beyond the curricular opportunities, outdoor trips provide a community-building experience that bridges connections between peers and between students and faculty.

“As we collectively leave the comfort of familiar spaces, we open ourselves to adventure and personal growth.”

-Sarah Ostermueller, Head of Middle School

River Days

The River Day program is designed to challenge students to apply scientific concepts to real-world research. During the full day outing, science teachers mentor students through the process of conducting original research at a field site near their school. Students prepare for this trip in their science classes and then analyze their data upon their return. The exciting experience lets students walk in the shoes of professional scientists and aspire to better understand the natural world around them as well.

Field Trips

All year round, students are presented with chances to venture beyond campus boundaries, complementing their class curriculum. Whether they delve into historical fashion at the Crocker Art Museum as part of the Fashion Styling elective, engage in practical photography sessions at a nearby park for Digital Photography, or contribute fresh produce from the school garden during Farm to Fork to a local food bank, students actively embrace a holistic learning experience that transcends the confines of traditional classrooms.