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Sacramento Country Day School

Welcome to Lower School


One of the Hallmarks of Country Day is our whole child approach to education. When you visit our Lower School, you will instantly feel the happy buzz that permeates every corner of campus, from students skipping their way to Morning Meeting, to wrapping up their day in Closing Circle. We strive to mold well rounded community members who live up to their fullest potential.

Our team is privileged to have front row seats to witness the brilliant way young minds work, whether designing a house to withstand the huffing and puffing of the wolf, brainstorming ideas to free up a stuck barge in a canal half way across the world, easing up traffic congestion as part of the robotics challenge, or offering sustainable solutions for our sister schools in Rulindo. Intellectual curiosity appears in every aspect of students’ learning journeys where they joyfully discover more about their world together through literature and writing, music and the arts, science and mathematics, movement and technology. 

But all of the subject areas we teach are really just the vehicles through which we are building terrific people with generous and compassionate hearts, inquisitive and interested intellects, and healthy and active bodies. We help children find and use their voices to express their ideas, to share their opinions, and to thoughtfully and respectfully comment on those of others.

Please join us to experience first hand this joyful learning space, where well rounded community members are busy at work making the world a better place.


Maisae Affour
Head of Lower School