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Sacramento Country Day School

Lower School

When you arrive on our Lower School campus, the beautiful energy and contagious curiosity of our youngest students envelopes you. The warm, inviting environment extends beyond our light-filled classrooms, and into the fabric of who our students are and are becoming.

Lower School is where expert, creative, and loving teachers help children build a solid and deep foundation of skills in critical reading, logical reasoning, careful observation, and the ability to share their learning with others in speech, writing, and the arts. 

Learning is invigorating with hands-on, active learning projects and experiences. We live our learning as much as possible, immersing ourselves in a rich curriculum of integrated units of study. We never turn down an opportunity to walk a mile or more in the shoes of those who came before us, broadening our outlooks, and viewing history's events through multiple perspectives, staying true to our mission.

Maisae Affour

Head of Lower School


Kristi Peoro

Assistant to the Head of Lower School


"They don't have to always have an answer. But the thing is to keep asking the questions, to keep digging deep, to keep thinking...that's the best part of what we give them." 

Kristi Mathisen, 5th Grade Teacher, Humanities Department Chair

All the subject areas we teach are really just the vehicles through which we are building impactful people with generous and compassionate hearts, inquisitive and interested intellects, and healthy and active bodies.  We help young people find and use their voices to express their ideas, share their opinions, and thoughtfully and respectfully work with others.

A daily schedule of core subjects in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies is complemented by enrichment classes in world languages, art, Music & Movement, P.E., and library studies. Experiential learning beyond our classrooms through field trips, community service and trips to the school garden also enhances the curriculum.