International Students


International Students

If you are a student who lives abroad and are interested in taking on the challenge of a well-rounded, rigorous, rich, college preparatory, U.S. High School experience, we warmly encourage you to apply! 

Country Day is proud to be a school community that includes students throughout our PK-12 program who are citizens of many countries around the world. The perspectives and backgrounds of our  dual-citizenship students enriches the discourse we share in our classrooms, our labs, studios and even on our playing fields. 

In our high school program specifically, we welcome two to three exceptional rising high school students who require an I-20 Visa in order to study with us as freshmen each year. (Students younger than fourteen, or Grade 9, are not eligible for I-20 visas through our program.) 

For international students applying to Country Day from countries in Asia, we have an exclusive partnership with education consulting firm, UC Educations (UCE). Founder Peter Xie, a China native, spent most of his childhood here in Sacramento. He and his team of agents work in both Shanghai and in Sacramento and have placed students at Country Day for more than a decade. Peter and his team expertly counsel prospective families through their application process to Country Day, provide translation services, and facilitate engagement with our admission office. 

Once an international student is admitted to Country Day, UCE partners with our school community to handle all non-academic aspects of the Country Day experience. Most importantly, UCE works to thoughtfully place our students in safe, reliable, enriching, appropriately-matched host families in Sacramento. UCE’s Sacramento agents provide ongoing care and support services to students enrolled at our school in partnership with our team. All UCE students enrolled at Country Day also receive all the unparalleled support that our highly personal and flexible high school program provides to every student. 

Our High School program prepares students not only for college admission, but for a well-rounded, meaningful life beyond academia, in which our students learn to “think critically, live creatively and act compassionately.” 

If you are a student who lives abroad and are interested in taking on the challenge of a well-rounded, rigorous, rich, college preparatory, U.S. High School experience, we warmly encourage you to apply! 


International Application Process

Application Requirements

  • Online application 
  • Grade reports for equivalent Grade 6, 7 and 8 
  • TOEFL or Duolingo English Test scores 
  • 2 Core subject teacher recommendation forms 
  • Translated vaccination records
  • Copy of student Passport 
  • Handwritten writing sample 
  • Video conference parent and student interviews 

Please note that students admitted to our International Student Program must provide an English translation of their full vaccination history, including record of TDap vaccination, before they can begin school. These records may be uploaded during the application process. 

How to Apply

Step 1: Contact UCE and/or complete our Inquiry Form

All international students from countries in Asia must work through UC Educations (UCE) in order to apply to Country Day. UCE is Country Day’s exclusive program partner for these students. Students are asked to email Peter Xie with UCE directly before completing our inquiry form

International students from other countries may simply complete our inquiry form.

All international students must select “International Student” when completing the form.

Step 2: Apply

International applicants must have an active account in CavNET prior to completing our online “Application for International Students.” If you have completed an Inquiry form your account is active. 

Once an international student application is submitted, an “admission checklist” will be assigned within our software and applicants will be prompted to submit required materials. 

When working with UCE, your agent may assist with the application process and completing application requirements.

Step 3: Set-up your admission video interview

After all application requirements are completed, international applications will be contacted to schedule a video interview with Country Day admissions representatives.


International Student Coordinators

International students with questions about our program should contact our coordinators.

Grace Strumpfer ‘16—International Student Coordinator

916-481-8811 |

Peter Xie—Director of Operations, UCE