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Sacramento Country Day School

Welcome to High School

While our school mission finds itself at the center of every student experience in our high school and creates an unparalleled learning community, we hold compassion as the critical ingredient that allows our students and faculty to soar to unique heights of critical thinking and creativity. We intentionally teach our students to act compassionately to themselves, to their peers, and to all members of the community, and as a result, our community aspires to be a space of true safety, inclusion, and excellence.

And this is the key. For it is only when we all feel safe, both physically and emotionally, that we can truly begin to explore ideas of real intellectual power, to create art of enduring value, to excel on the athletic fields and courts, and to emerge as our true, authentic, and powerful selves. When we intentionally learn to act compassionately, we provide the space in our classrooms, around campus, and throughout the community for students to be brave and true as they explore the infinite heights of creativity and critical thinking. As a result, our students step forward and risk audacious solutions, let honest emotions create profound artwork, and shoot the ball from outside the box.

Visitors to our campus immediately sense the positive culture of Country Day. Free from hallway monitors, bells, and uniforms, our students joyfully move between classrooms in the open air, talking and laughing as they naturally gravitate from engaging classes to social settings in the garden to study groups in the library to community gatherings and to student-led club meetings. In spaces that intentionally enforce compassionate acts, our students want to be in class, to be involved socially, and to create new programs. 

Our mission creates the space for our students to shine. 

I invite you to come and visit our high school and get a glimpse of the magic that happens when a community commits to acting compassionately, creating deep and true space to live creatively and to think critically. 

Brooke Wells
Head of High School