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Sacramento Country Day School

High School

The Country Day High School experience is so much more than an accumulation of knowledge. It’s a process of self-discovery and transformation through the pursuit of individual passions and an understanding of new ways to think critically, act compassionately and live creatively. 

With intentional compassion in our classrooms, around campus, and throughout the community our students can be brave and true as they explore the boundless heights of creativity and critical thinking. As a result, our students step forward and risk audacious solutions, let honest emotions create profound artwork, and shoot the ball from outside the box.

We see the success of our unique philosophy in all typical standards of measurements - outstanding standardized scores, extraordinarily successful college placements, and the top-rated high school program in the area.

Sacramento Business Journal Highlights Country Day 
#1 Private High School

We are always thrilled to share that Sacramento Country Day School “tops the local list” and remains the best private high school in Sacramento and the area's number one private high school for 2024. The Sacramento Business Journal shared those statistics with our Sacramento community in October 2023. Read the complete article here.


Well-Rounded Development

We reach beyond traditional “content” learning and challenge students to innovate, and explore in a flexible academic program that merges the arts, literature, science, and technology. Our graduates leave with a foundational education that embraces 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. We send graduates into the world poised to be leaders in the community and citizens of a global world.

Brooke Wells

Head of High School


Grace Strumpfer

Assistant to the Head of High School


“The modern world demands creative problem-solvers. We prepare our students for jobs that don’t even exist yet and develop a lifelong passion for learning.” 

-Lee Thomsen
Head of School

“I am proud to say that my daughter’s accomplishments are a true reflection of the core values of Sacramento Country Day. The school's commitment to engaging a diverse community has allowed my daughter to collaborate with teammates from different backgrounds and develop an appreciation for different perspectives.” 
Paul W., Country Day Parent
Unrivaled Academics

By all standards, Country Day students shine brightest among all high school students in the Sacramento area. We build curriculum and support networks driven to refine their academic interests and success.

  • 16 Advanced Placement (AP) courses, 6 specialized Advanced Topic (AT) courses, and 3 Honors classes for students who wish to pursue college-level study in high school.  

  • Year after year, SAT scores average nearly 100 points higher than any other area schools. 

  • Our five-year AP score report shows that roughly 85% of our students earn a three or higher on their AP tests

  • University of CA acceptance rates of 90% in 2022, considered highest in the region

Exceptional Faculty

Led by a world-class teaching faculty, we form a community unafraid to take risks. We live in the spirit of Samuel Beckett, who wrote, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

“Students are made to feel like they have the power to tailor the experience they want to have. No two students are the same and the school honors every type of student. Faculty and staff are rooting for their students’ success. They are truly there for the students, not just to teach them their individual subject, but as safe adults to guide and champion them.”

- Lainie J.
Country Day Parent

Camaraderie & Spirit

“Our student-athletes experience growth, enjoyment, and recognition as Country Day Cavaliers. This supportive environment fosters personal development and exceptionally well-rounded student-athletes. 80% of students participate on athletic teams and many play more than one sport.” 

Matt Vargo, Athletics Director

Our students bond across grade levels on all aspects of their high school journey, forming their own personal foundations and a sense of belonging in this supportive community. From out-of-state class trips, to River Train prom, to all the excitement of rooting for and playing seasonal sports, our students come together for a truly unrivaled high school experience.