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Sacramento Country Day School


History of the Internship Program

The Country Day/California State University, Sacramento Research Internship Program started in 2017 with one student in Robin Altman’s lab. It was a volunteer position that came from her asking our teacher, Dr. Kellie Whited, for an opportunity to experience scientific research. From there, it continued to grow steadily and today we have six interns in three research labs (Altman, Bauer, and Wright) and two university facilities (Curtis and Pfarr). In 2018-2019 we had our first intern who received academic credit for the internship at CSUS. Our interns have presented posters at scientific conferences and been co-authors on scientific journal papers during the internship program. Many interns have gone on to pursue research positions in college and in their careers. The long-term impact of the internship program is the current focus of Dr. Whited’s and Dr. Altman’s pedagogy research.

Meet the Mentors