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Beyond the Classroom

9th Grade—Sierra Nevada Mountains

The objectives of this trip are to create joy, adventure, and community within the class, learn life lessons, and gain understanding of the challenges of the Sierra environment. Students hike, experience the thrill of Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks, learn about the environmental challenges represented by the Caldor Fire, and enjoy the beautiful facilities at the Forest Suites Resort.

10th Grade—Dude Ranch

Students experience true, rugged horseback riding; creek crossings, uphills that end in breathtaking vistas, and loping through the serene forest of Northern California. The overarching objective for this trip is to enable cultural exploration through experiential education. Upon completing our trip, students will have experienced the effects of expansion and the history of repression of California.

11th Grade—Ashland, Oregon

Students travel to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival after reading the great plays in class, this provides an excellent opportunity for discussion both in Ashland and when we return. All students will receive an introduction to the plays they attend in their English class prior to the trip and will have either an essay or informal written response to the plays upon their return, depending on their English teacher.

12th Grade—Rafting Trip

The annual senior camping and rafting trip is an opportunity for bonding and adventure. Students traverse down the South Fork of the American river, conquering such famous rapids as Meat Grinder, Triple Threat, and Satan’s Cesspool. They also enjoy a barbeque before settling in for campfire, songs, and laughter.


Solar Regatta

Each year our incredible Solar Regatta team comes together under the direction of faculty to participate in the SMUD Solar Regatta challenge at Rancho Seco. This tremendous effort of creative engineering, project management and incredible teamwork illustrates the opportunities our students have to engage in exciting programs and events that interest them. The team repurposes a 14-foot Hobie Catamaran with some structural modifications and spends the night at the Rancho Seco event site, cheering on the team pilot during the day.




Affinity/Alliance Groups & Student Clubs

Affinity groups create a space where participants can share identity and experiences. These group meetings can help students to feel more visible and more included in our community and in doing so they enhance our commitment to inclusiveness. Starting in the 2023-24 school year, we will work to provide organizational support for affinity groups in the high school. Our high school students have already met for initial interest sessions and to choose student leaders for the affinity group pilot program.

Affinity vs. alliance groups

Both affinity and alliance groups are intended to bring people together by forging deeper bonds of community. An affinity group is a space reserved for people who share an identity or life experience. An alliance group might be organized and led by people who share an identity, but allies are welcome to join. Both groups are intended to foster inclusion and belonging on our campus, and in doing so enhance our commitment to inclusivity.


Our high school boasts an extensive array of student clubs that cater to diverse interests, spanning from pre-medical pursuits to environmental activism, and from entrepreneurial endeavors to the realm of business. Additionally, our high school is home to the student-produced literary magazine The Glass Knife. Whether you're passionate about health sciences, dedicated to preserving the environment, nurturing a flair for business, or inclined towards literary expression, our diverse range of clubs ensures that every student can find a community where their passions can flourish. And if there is a club that doesn't yet exist—create it!