From the Head of School


Welcome from the Head of School

Dear Visitor,

Since beginning my tenure as Head of School last year, I have asked everyone who will answer to put into words the essential qualities that make Sacramento Country Day such a special place.

Over and over, the word “community” recurs. Faculty and staff describe an Esprit de Corps, and how, above all, “We will know and love your children.” Others talk about the Country Day community as “their second family” or describe the “feeling of belonging to an exceptional place.”  However you define it, it is Country Day.

For the 2016 Country Day yearbook, the Medallion, students chose as its theme “Set In Motion.” When you spend time on our campus, you too feel that energy for motion.  It is palpable.  You will feel it in the recently completed Makerspace and accompanying electives in Middle and High School, the state-of-the-art recording studio in memory of a former student, and in the high school students enrolled in our newly added courses in computer science.

As a school we combine those qualities of community – knowing, loving, and appreciating each and every student for his or her unique gifts, while also providing the finest educational experience in the area, one constantly in motion, looking forward as well as outward. We reach beyond the boundaries of our beautiful campus – Lower Schoolers support our sister Rulindo Schools in Rwanda, Middle Schoolers take annual trips to the coasts of California and to Washington, D.C., and our High Schoolers participate in a new pre-professional internship program, begun this summer. 

We do this for our true purpose, just like yours as parents, to prepare children to leave the nest and fly on their own.  Like the owl, an early mascot of Country Day and revived for our 50th anniversary, we give your children both wisdom and the wings to soar well beyond their time here on Latham Drive.

As a young man I was fascinated with Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Italy. One quotation attributed to him reads, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

That’s what we do every day. Our spectacular faculty and staff nurture, believe in, and challenge your children to reach beyond what they know they can do to achieve what they don’t yet know they can do – “the impossible.”

And that is the essence of Sacramento Country Day.

Kind regards,

Lee Thomsen
Head of School