Helping Hands: The SCDS-Rulindo Partnership

General information

Since 2006, Country Day’s Helping Hands program has partnered with the Rulindo Schools in Rwanda. Begun as a pen-pal letter exchange, the relationship has expanded to include fundraising; since 2009, funds raised during the annual Gerlinde Klauser play-a-thon, plus other fundraising efforts, have contributed over $90,000 to Rulindo, with donations going toward school facilities repair, student scholarships, curriculum materials, and uniform purchases. Recently we have funded hogs, goats, rabbits, and chickens to provide the families of students with a food and income source that is helping families provide more support to their own children to attend school. In 2008, Country Day was honored by the visit of Rulindo’s head of school, Fr. Bernardin Banituze.

Lower School music teacher Elena Rodriguez Bennett recently completed her third trip to the school. In the last two trips her focus has been on teaching music with ukuleles that we provided. The students love their “small guitars” and make beautiful music with them.