Sydnee Butcher
Pre-Kindergarten Assistant

Faculty & Staff

Sydnee Butcher is part of our pre-kindergarten team and has been working for our school since 2016. Throughout her time at Country Day, she has been an assistant teacher for kindergarten and first grade, an ASE counselor, and a summer camp counselor.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Child Development at California State University, Sacramento, and is currently earning her Masters in School Counseling at California State University, Sacramento (#STINGERSUP). One of her favorite college experiences was the field work she gained in her undergrad within the Elk Grove School District and the opportunity to create an after school program for Middle School students about early on college prep. 

When she’s not deeply engaged within the Pre-K classroom, Sydnee enjoys trying new foods, baking, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.