Faten Ghariani
Middle School French

Faculty & Staff

Faten Ghariani was born and raised in Tunis, Tunisia, to bilingual parents. She studied Law at the University of Law and Political Sciences of Tunis and obtained her B. A in 2001, her first master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law in 2003, and her second master’s degree in International Contracts in 2005. During her years at the university, she taught French tutoring courses for elementary and high school students. She worked for over 10 years for a TV broadcaster in Tunisia as a chief legal officer and taught several law courses in French for three years at the university where she studied.

She has been an educator for several NGOs of socio-professional integration programs. Her passion for cinema led her to work on several film productions and to cofound a production company with her filmmaker husband in 2010. She moved with her husband and their two kids to the United States in the summer of 2017, where she started her preferred career as a French teacher in the Alliance Francaise, an institutional French school. She joined Sacramento Country Day School as the Middle School French teacher in the 2021-22 school year.