Alexis Covey (‘02)
Second Grade

Faculty & Staff

Alexis Covey (‘02) has been teaching 2nd grade at Sacramento Country Day School since the fall of 2012. Before coming to Country Day as a teacher, she attended as a student in high school. Her many fond memories of the school and the incredible people here made her jump at the chance to be a part of this community again. 

After high school, Alexis earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Skidmore College in upstate New York. After graduation she stayed on the East coast for a while, working with small children on fine- and gross-motor skills as a pre-gymnastics teacher. After a few years it was time to return to California to earn a multi-subject teaching credential from Sacramento State University. Her first job after earning her credential was as a long-term substitute teacher in the Twin Rivers District. Her second job was at Country Day, and she hasn’t looked back since.

A couple of quotes that sum up Alexis’s philosophy toward life and teaching are:

  • “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” -Samuel Beckett
  • “I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing.” -Daniel Hillel

Outside of work Alexis enjoys working out, knitting, reading, and teaching self-defense to young children.