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Sacramento Country Day School

Music & Dance

The Department of Music and Dance is an academic enrichment offering at Country Day. A faculty of four full-time teachers and three private-lesson teachers provide instruction to students in grade-level specific programs from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. Music and Movement in Pre-K-3rd Grade is an opportunity for young musicians and dancers to be exposed to basic concepts in music and dance. Instrumental and Choral Music is provided to our 4th and 5th grade students, as well as offerings in Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Ensembles, Chamber Ensembles and Choir for our Middle and High School students.

Lower School

Music and Movement in Pre-K-3rd Grade is an opportunity for young musicians and dancers to be exposed to basic concepts in music and dance. The curriculum is rooted in Orff Schulwerk and Laban Movement Analysis. The program honors the student as the artist. Children are guided to explore foundational ideas in the performing arts and develop the skills to improvise, compose and perform their ideas with clarity. Performances and "Informances" are held throughout the year to provide our young performing artists with the opportunity to sing, dance, play, and share their gifts with our community. This education is provided three times a week for our Pre-K and Kinder classes and twice a week for first through third grades.

Choral music is part of our 4th grade program and emphasizes the fundamentals of music and performance.  Performances are held throughout the year, and students are given many opportunities to step up to the mic, dive into vocals and explore a range of musical styles. In 5th grade, students select an instrument to specialize in, and join the Band or the Orchestra. Each meets three times weekly and  instruction builds upon the prior years music program.

Middle & High School

Students in our Music Performing Arts classes develop an increased sense of perception, vocabulary, and techniques pertinent to each discipline through their study of music. During the process of exploration and creation, students learn to see new possibilities, reflect upon their work, and continually explore new ideas and possibilities within each discipline. Overall, students develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts by forming criteria for arriving at personal artistic judgments and developing craftsmanship and discipline through the performances of instrumental and choral music.

Middle School students can pursue their musical interests in the Band or Orchestra, while High School students can participate in VPA* designated classes of Chamber Music, Concert Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Orchestra. The ever amazing and original Garage Band is also offered to High School musicians. Public performances are given before the winter holidays, in the spring, and on special occasions. Music festivals and field trips are often incorporated into the year as well. For extensive detail on each opportunity, please review our curriculum guide

 *The courses with a “VPA'' designation after the title fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts requirement both for Country Day’s graduation and UC qualification.

Kamilyn Davis

Choir Director

Maria Hoyos

Grades 5-12 Orchestra
Chamber Music

Ashlie Kirby

Lower School Music & Movement

Kurt Pearsall

Director of Bands

Cavs Out & About