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Sacramento Country Day School

Parking & Transportation

Traffic & Parking Rules

In accordance with our Agreement with the City of Sacramento, we are required to monitor our traffic so that there is minimum impact on the neighborhood. It is critical that all drivers follow the rules, drive cautiously and courteously in the parking lot and in the neighborhood, and cooperate with our volunteers and staff members. The first five rules are conditions of our legal agreement. The other rules help us manage the flow of traffic in order to comply with our legal agreement. 

  1. No drop off, no pick up, and no parking, short-term or long-term, on Latham Drive or on any surrounding neighborhood street. 
  2. No double parking on streets or illegal parking around corners, near fire hydrants, or in crosswalks. 
  3. No stacking on Latham Drive at the school’s entrance driveway. 
  4. No parking or stopping that blocks private driveways. 
  5. No parking in handicap spaces without a valid placard. This illegal parking is subject to ticketing by the city.
  6. No U-turns. 
  7. Cell Phones: Please do not use a cell phone while your vehicle is in motion on school grounds. 
  8. Coming and Going: We strongly urge approaching the school from Munroe Street rather than through the neighborhood. In the afternoons, please observe the pick-up times in order to prevent stacking of vehicles. Plan on arriving after students are dismissed, not before. 
  9. Lanes in the Parking Lot: All drivers should stay in the proper lanes for drop off and pick up. Lanes 1 and 2 (to the right) are for cars with grades PK-8 students; lane 3 (near the street) is for cars with grades 9-12 students, including mixed-age carpools with High School students. Mixed-age carpools should arrive at the latest pick-up time. 
  10. The “bay system” for pick-up of Lower & Middle School students is in effect in lanes 1 & 2. Pull forward completely and wait until the staff members change their “stop” signs to “slow,” then proceed slowly ahead. 
  11. All vehicles must have a name placard displayed prominently upon entering the parking lot at pick-up time. The placards assist the staff in having your children ready. If you do not have a placard, contact the main office to obtain one. 
  12. Please cooperate with the parent volunteers and staff as they work to expedite drop-off and pick-up. Move all the way forward before unloading or loading. Drivers must not leave their cars unattended. Students need to have their belongings near them (as opposed to in the trunk, etc.) and must exit and enter on the right side of the vehicle. 
  13. If you need to escort students to class or need extra time to unload your carpool’s backpacks, park in a designated visitor spot. If you absolutely must arrive prior to dismissal time, park in a designated visitor spot. Visitor spaces are located in front of the main office. 
  14. For safety reasons, students and parents must use the marked crosswalks. Please note that the only acceptable speed in the parking lot and surrounding streets is SLOW.
Shuttle Service

Country Day operates two shuttle routes for students, with stops in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and Davis. 

Shuttle services rates are $470 one-way per quarter for the first child, and $350 one-way per quarter for siblings. Shuttle drivers are certified with a Class B license with passenger endorsement and drug tested.


For questions about Country Day’s shuttle service, please use this form to contact CFO Bill Petchauer.