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Sacramento Country Day School

Parents' Association Board Members and Class Parents

Our Parents' Association is led by a group of enthusiastic Parent Board members. They plan and carry out activities that bring us together in meaningful ways. Our Board includes dedicated Division Coordinators and exceptional Class Parents who serve as essential resources for parents, teachers, and the PA Board. With the help of our parent volunteers and families who attend our events, we create a welcoming atmosphere that fosters a united and inclusive community. Join us in making a positive impact on our school and community!

  • Co-Presidents: Preet Kandola & Katie Deterding
  • Vice/Past President: Robin Chatterjee
  • Events Committee: Chelsey Reeves, Candice Stolz, Kelley Brown, Jenny Aflatooni, Ruby Hodoba, and Joanna Nelson
  • Faculty Relations Committee: Lainie Josephson, Sandy Buchanan, Sandee Chand, and Lower, Middle, & High School Class Parents
  • Auction & Gala Chair: Nicole Purcell & Chelsey Reeves
  • Admission & Parent Liaison Chair: Lainie Josephson
  • Philanthropy Chair: Maureen Smith
  • Hospitality Chair & Member at Large: Stephen Chuchel

Division Parent Coordinators:

  • Lower School: Irma Endelman
  • Middle School: Sherry Haus
  • High School: Sandy Buchanan & Sandee Chand

Class Parents: 

  • Pre-K: Katie Deterding & Jenny Aflatooni
  • Kindergarten: Harmony Purewal & Nina Khangura
  • First: Michelle Christian & Kimberly Garza
  • Second: Danielle Manaois & Reyna Tsukiji
  • Third: Arun Chatterjee
  • Fourth: Heather Pettinari
  • Fifth: Karla Rojos
  • Sixth: Jamie Iseman
  • Seventh: Jacqui DeBoo
  • Eighth: TBD