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Sacramento Country Day School

Campus Life

From student government to theatrical productions, from musical groups to athletic teams, the opportunities to join, volunteer, participate, and play are plentiful. Throughout the grades, students choose from a variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities to explore and develop talents and interests outside the academic walls.

Distinctive to the Pre-K through 12th grade student body is the friendly and collegial interaction between different grades for social and, in some cases, academic reasons. Buddy systems between Lower School classes are in place for projects, Middle School helpers work with Lower School classes and High School students escort young students to the gym for sports rallies. 

An exciting tradition is our Happy Hearts club spending time with our 3rd grade class on heart health. When student to student learning is incorporated into their learning, a peer- based enthusiasm and excitement is accomplished.

Student Leadership

We believe in helping students find their unique voices. One way that we encourage them to speak and listen to others is through leadership opportunities. 

Service Learning and Community Service

A commitment to instill in our children the values of integrity, empathy and respect for others, and to share responsibility for a better world is at the foundation of Country Day’s “Habit of Helping.”