Mission in Action

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Tucked away in the back of campus, the Country Day garden includes wild and native plants, benches, lunch areas, and is a beautiful space to relax. But the quarter-acre garden is also highly productive with over 20 beds of growing crops. Through the hard work of garden coordinator Rory Tira, and with the assistance of student volunteers, Country Day is able to donate a large amount of the food grown in our garden to the River City Food Bank.

Rory tells us that “15% of the residents in Sacramento County suffer from food insecurity. The River City Food Bank is meeting that need and we are helping them. Our food is beautiful, it’s clean, and it’s fresh. And it’s picked that morning. I think what it really teaches both the givers, us, and the recipients is that beautiful and healthy food belongs to everybody and that’s an access everybody should have.” To hear more about compassion exemplified through our garden program, listen to this week’s podcast that includes an inspiring interview with Rory.