Beyond the Classroom


Education doesn’t stop at the classroom door – extensions of academic studies are abundant in the life of a Country Day student. Whether on a class trip, working as an intern for a local business or agency, planting in the school garden, creating in the Makerspace, or carrying a research project forward into hands-on community service, students are absorbing knowledge and augmenting it outside the classroom and in the community.

Student Trips

Annual off-campus trips support the school’s curriculum and reinforce the sense of community. Students explore marine biology at Marin Headlands, hike the trails of Yosemite, and travel north to Ashland’s Oregon Shakespeare Festival and an in-touch experience with the English language at its finest. The 4th grade overnight adventure at Sutter’s Fort, a quarter-century tradition, invites children to spend 24 hours in an authentic pioneer stronghold portraying characters from the 1840s.

High School Internship Program

Exploring possible career interests with mentors in the professional world is the goal of the school’s internship program for high school juniors. As an avenue for students to explore career options or personal interests, an internship offers worthwhile practical experience in a real workplace. The internship program continues to evolve and expand. Read more.

Creative Corners

Several innovative learning environments can be found on campus. Everyone can be a “maker” in the school’s Makerspace. Room 20 is a laboratory for invention, jam-packed with boxes and bins of material, all available for hands-on creations. Behind the gym is the garden, where students learn how to plant and nurture seedlings, grow food for themselves and others, and enjoy the crop for making soups, salads, and roasted vegetables. Meaningful teaching moments occur spontaneously all over campus.

Service Learning and Community Service

A commitment to instill in our children the values of integrity, empathy and respect for others, and to share responsibility for a better world is at the foundation of our Public Purpose program. Service to a community beyond our own, steered by curriculum development guidelines that reinforce concepts and skills learned in the classroom, is how we hope to connect with others in our local and global communities.