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Sacramento Country Day School

5th-8th Grade Teams

We are part of the Parochial Athletic League (PAL) and offer both competitive and recreational teams when appropriate.

Fall Sports

5th-8th Boys & Girls Cross Country


  • Joe Hartman
  • Kris Hall
5th-8th Girls Volleyball


  • Jennifer Madrigal
  • Sydney Michel ‘16
6th-8th Boys Flag Football

COACH: Rick Fullum

Winter Sports

5th-8th Boys & Girls Basketball


  • Dave Ancrum
  • Eric Norton
  • Charles Farris
  • Ryan Hobbs
  • Jennifer Madrigal
  • Latonia Pitts
  • Christian Scott
  • Matt Vargo

Spring Sports

5th-8th Boys & Girls Track & Field

COACH: Joe Hartman

5th-8th Boys & Girls Golf


  • Matt Vargo
  • Kris Hall
6th-8th Co-Ed Soccer

COACH: Jason Allen