Application Process


Application Process

We are so pleased that you are thinking about applying to join our diverse community of learners. Applications are welcome at any point during our yearly cycle, including for mid-year candidates. We look forward to getting to know your family!


Application Process

Step 1: Inquire

Completing an online inquiry form allows us to share information about admission events and answer your questions about the application process. 

Submit an inquiry to create your personal CavNET account and let’s get the conversation started!

Step 2: Apply online 

The 2023-24 priority admission deadline for all grade levels is February 15, 2023. Application fees are waived prior to this date. Applications submitted after this date will be considered on a rolling basis and the standard $150 application fee will be applied. Complete your online application

Step 3: Upload Application Documents & Request Teacher Recommendations

Once you have completed our online application you’ll have access to your child’s application checklist through your CavNET account. The checklist outlines documents required for applications, are dependent on grade level, and include grade reports, standardized test scores and teacher recommendations. Please upload grade reports and standardized test scores directly to your child’s checklist. Teacher recommendations must be requested directly from the checklist.

Step 4: Complete a Student Visit Day

Candidates complete a student visit and assessment as part of the application process. This is an opportunity for us to get to know your child and for them to experience what makes Country Day special. Lower School candidates accomplish a playdate experience or classroom visit, while Middle and High School candidates attend classes, meet current students and get acquainted with faculty. 

Step 5: Schedule a Parent Interview

We look forward to scheduling a parent interview, and this may be accomplished during an initial parent tour. Interviews typically take 30 minutes and can be completed either in-person or virtually.

Contact admissions directly to schedule your interview. 

Step 6: Candidate Decision

Completed applications will be reviewed by the admission committee. Once an admission decision is reached you will be notified by our office.

Candidates completing applications by the February 15, 2023 priority application deadline will be notified by March 7, 2023.


Admissions FAQs

What is Country Day looking for in an ideal candidate for enrollment?

Country Day aims to enroll qualified students who can access curriculum and thrive in our educational environment. We’re looking for mission-appropriate families who join us in understanding that children are best prepared to succeed educationally when parents and teachers work together in a cooperative partnership.

Throughout the application process we engage in interactive dialogue with parents about educational goals and values for prospective students. The process is designed to identify whether a candidate is prepared to access our dynamic, enriched and challenging curriculum, and we honor every child’s unique potential to contribute to a diverse community of learners. Students who crave serious intellectual challenge in the classroom are well-served in our program, and we also understand the immense benefits of experiencing art, athletics and service to others. Our community includes students who receive extra support from our Learning Support team, and all of our students benefit from low student to teacher ratios and expert, engaged teachers who innovate instructional approaches to reach diverse learners.

We review each piece of a completed application thoughtfully and we work to piece together a holistic view of candidates’ abilities and whether our program, which has limitations like any school, is prepared to serve them in reaching their unique potential going forward. 

In what grades do you accept new students? Are there age requirements for my child to begin?

We accept new students to any grade level in which we have available space. Like many independent schools, our teachers are adept at integrating new students into their classroom communities in the fall or, where space exists, and candidates are qualified to join, mid-year.

Students best prepared to join us in Pre-Kindergarten typically turn four years old by September 1st of the year they would begin school. We accept applications from candidates who turn four years old during the month of September with the understanding that, if qualified, they will be among the youngest learners in their class. Students who turn four years old on October 1 or after are invited to apply for admission for the following school year.

The same logic applies to a Kindergarten entrance. Most students prepared to join us turn five years old by September 1 of the year they would begin, and we accept applications for candidates with birthdays during the month of September but not after.

Is Sacramento Country Day School formally affiliated with other Country Day schools across the nation?

Sacramento Country Day School is a private, non-profit, independent school. While we are not a part of a chain of schools, we are linked collegially with some by a uniformly rigorous accreditation and membership in highly regarded professional associations. Some discerning families ask about a school’s accreditation as it tends to define aspects of academic rigor and expectation. Members of the National Association of Independent Schools share general philosophies unique to independent schools and are distinguished by their high-level programs. Members of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the California Association of Independent Schools undergo a rigorous school-wide self-study and site visitation, earning a maximum six-year accreditation. Sacramento Country Day School currently enjoys a six-year accreditation through CAIS and WASC.

What is the deadline to apply?

Each year, the Admission Office sets a priority admission deadline (see top of page for Key Application Dates). Candidates who apply on or before the deadline will not be charged a $150 application fee. Applications received after the priority deadline will be considered on a rolling basis as space allows and must submit a $150 application fee.