Vector Control Efforts Result in Temporary Changes to Country Day’s Garden Operations
Oriental Fruit Fly Infestation Results in Quarantine of Certain Produce


In early-December, the California Department of Food and Agriculture notified Sacramento Country Day School that it has quarantined certain produce as a result of an Oriental Fruit Fly infestation in Sacramento. The quarantine does not affect the safety of the listed fruits and vegetables, just the way in which they are handled and transported.

In order to stop the spread of the fruit fly infestation, Country Day will not be permitted to donate any item on the quarantine list to River City Food Bank or allow students, employees or community members to take those items outside of the quarantine zone. Quarantined items may still be consumed on campus. The quarantine is projected to last through May 2019.

Country Day Garden Coordinator Michael Covey and Middle School Science Teacher Aleitha Burns have adjusted garden operations in accordance with the quarantine with minimal impact to the school.

A complete list of quarantined items is available here.

More information about this quarantine, including a detailed map of the quarantine zone, is available on the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s website.