After School Enrichment


Welcome to the ASE Program!

1, 2, 3, eyes on me, is the “call back” you’ll hear in the After-School Enrichment (ASE) program. You’ll see campers running to the Big Toy as they begin to play Hot Lava Monster or Banana Tag with our energetic counselors. As you pass by the multi-purpose room, the theater class is learning new improvisation games while Bennett’s hip hop class is going over the pop and lock routine to prepare for their big performance. This is my happy place.

In Country Day’s ASE program I strive to create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for students in grades Kindergarten-8 that inspires self-expression, encourages healthy relationships, and personal growth.

The ASE program gives students the opportunity to pursue creative, intellectual, physical and social interests. When class is dismissed, students are able to work quietly in Study Hall, learn in Enrichment Classes, exercise and socialize in Camp. The academic day can be rigorous and intense for some students, and sitting quietly at a picnic table with a good book or conversing with a friend or counselor is fine.

I treasure witnessing special moments as children continue to attend our ASE program year after year: seeing a child make his or her first shot during a game of knock out, witnessing conflict resolution without adult mediation, noting an older camper helping a younger friend through a difficult transition, and so much more.

Small groups and class sizes keep your child focused and challenged after school. Our specialty classes range from yoga and robotics to cooking and creative writing. Our counselors are well-rounded high school and college students who enjoy planning and organizing activities suited for each age group. Our ASE teachers are often part of the school day program at Country Day. Those who we bring in from outside the school are highly qualified and experienced in the art of working with young people. 

The biggest compliments my counselors and I receive are if your child refuses to leave camp, goes home dirty and smiling, or even sleeps through dinner! Please stop by and see the wonderful community we’ve created for your children. 

All the best, 

Joy Pangilinan Kronemeyer
Director of After-School Enrichment


Photo gallery

ASE Slide Show

Click here to learn more about Country Day’s ASE program. You can see students in action in the After School Enrichment program and learn more about the many specialty classes that are offered after-school at Country Day. These class include Robotics, Abstract Art, Hip Hop, Tae Kwon Do, Chess Club, ASE Theater, Makerspace, Cooking, Creative Writing among many others. Private music lessons are also available for students in brass, flute, percussion, piano, violin, viola, and woodwind instruments.

General information

ASE Logistics

Before and after-school care is available for grades Kindergarten through 8th, Monday through Friday from 7-8 a.m. and from 3-6 p.m., and on faculty workdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fees are charged by the quarter-hour. The program is in two parts: Enrichment Camp and Enrichment Classes. 

Some important reminders about ASE camp:

SNACKS: Please send an after-school snack for your student; the ASE program does not provide snacks.