Student Council

General information

The Middle School Student Council consists of the students in Grades 6-8. The Council plays a very important role in the life of SCDS students by sharing students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the faculty and administration. The Student Council offers students leadership opportunities and provides a forum for identifying, discussing, and solving Middle School issues. They promote and encourage school spirit and student participation in school sponsored events, and the Council helps students become more active and engaged members of Country Day and the community at large.  

Student Council organizes four dances each year, and they choose the theme, decorate, and make the dances enjoyable for all. They also sponsor fundraising activities and determine which organizations receive donations from these efforts. Student leaders help as hosts on Back-to-School night in the fall and for our Open House in the spring.

The Student Council meets weekly and is led by elected representatives. Student Council also leads the Middle School “Town Hall” meetings on Friday. These Friday meetings include announcements, celebrations of accomplishments, birthday candy, and a game. After the meeting, music fills the quad area for a casual festive atmosphere.