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2015-16 holiday calendar

2015-2016 – Holidays and Special Events

Monday, August 31 – Student Orientations
Tuesday, September 1 – School Begins

Monday, September 7 – Labor Day Observation, No Classes
Tuesday, September 8 – Lower School Picture Day
Wednesday, September 9 – MS & HS Picture Day
Thursday, September 17 – MS & HS Back-to-School Night
Thursday, September 24 – LS Back-to-School Night

October 6-9 – High School Trips
Monday, October 12 – Columbus Day Observation, No Classes
October 21-22 – 4th Grade Trip to Monterey
October 25-29 – Middle School Trips
Thursday, October 29 – Haunted Gym
Friday, October 30 – Teacher Workday, No Classes

Monday, November 2 – MS Early Dismissal at 2 p.m.
Thursday/Friday, November 5/6 – LS & MS Conferences
Wednesday, November 11 – Veterans’ Day, No Classes
November 25-29 – Thanksgiving Holiday, No Classes
Monday, November 30 – School Resumes

Friday, December 4 – Holiday Gift-making Event
Wednesday, December 16 – MS Concert
Thursday, December 17 – HS Concert
Friday, December 18 – LS Concert, LS/MS dismissed at noon
December 19, 2015 – January 4, 2016 – Winter Break, No Classes

Monday, January 4 – School Resumes
Friday, January 8 – 5th Grade Move-up Day
Thursday/Friday, January 14/15 – LS & MS Parent Preview Days
Monday, January 18 – Martin Luther King Day Observation, No Classes
Friday, January 22 – Teacher Workday, No Classes (Ski trip)

Thursday/Friday, February 11/12 – LS Parent Conferences
Monday, February 15 – Presidents’ Day Observation, No Classes
Friday, February 19 – World Cultures Day
February 22-25 – 5th Grade to Marin Headlands, no school on Friday, February 26
Friday, February 26 – 3rd Grade Colonial Day; 3rd Grade Dismissed at Noon
Saturday, February 27 – Annual Auction

Friday, March 11 – 7th Grade Renaissance Faire
Thursday, March 24 – 6th Grade Parent Conferences
Friday, March 25 – MS Parent Conferences

March 28 – April 10 – Spring Break, No Classes
Monday, April 6 – School Resumes
Saturday, April 16 – PA Parent/Child Event
Thursday, April 21 – Open House
Wednesday, April 27 – MS Spring Concert
Thursday, April 28 – HS Spring Concert
Friday, April 29 – Grands’ Day, LS/MS dismissed at noon
Friday, April 29 – College Day

Thursday, May 26 – Annual Play-a-thon
Monday, May 30 – Memorial Day Observation, No Classes
Tuesday, May 31 – HS Awards Assembly

Monday, June 6 – PK Closing Circle
Tuesday, June 7 – Kindergarten & Lower School Closings
Wednesday, June 8 – Middle School Closing
Thursday, June 9 – High School Graduation

Press Releases

Country Day School – The School Saved by Kool-Aid

It was 1964 when Sacramento Country Day opened its doors with just 12 students in a rented trailer. A year later, the school moved to its present location on Latham Drive, leased some portable buildings, and enrollment began to increase. Finances were still shaky a few years later when the O’Neil family moved to Sacramento and enrolled three children in the school. Short-term loans were due, there were bills to pay, taxes looming, and a school to run.

Mrs. O’Neil was a member of the Perkins family who made their fortune when her father, Erwin Perkins, invented Kool-Aid in 1927. Generous from afar, the Perkins Foundation donated $90,000 to Country Day, a remarkable amount of money at the time, and when it was partially matched by parents as required by the Foundation, the total was enough to pay off one loan, reduce significantly the balance on another, make the annual payments to the building manufacturer, and help with operating costs. In 1976, the school’s multi-purpose building was named in honor of Mrs. Erwin Perkins, Kitty, and one of the classroom buildings in honor of her daughter Nancy O’Neil.

The Kitty Perkins Multi Purpose building will be open tomorrow and Saturday, May 22 and 23, when more than 500 members of the Country Day community – including alumni and former faculty – will gather on campus to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary. Friday afternoon and evening is for families, and Saturday night’s gala is a party for grown-ups. Old films and videos will be shown, as well as the recently produced 50th Anniversary film by 2003 graduate Ryan Eytcheson and his mother Linda Eytcheson, and the program includes a special appearance by stand-up comedian, 2002 graduate Grant Lyon.

A special feature: Insta Prom Portraits. The Insta-Prom is just one aspect of Saturday’s experience, and is for those who had no prom, want another prom, or need a prom re-do! 

Friday, May 22, 4-8 p.m
Saturday, May 23, 6-11 p.m.

Sacramento Country Day School Celebrates Fifty Years

On Sunday, September 14, 2014, Sacramento Country Day School will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a birthday party, complete with 500 cupcakes presented on an eight-foot-tall, multi-level display. The event, taking place at Country Day’s Edwards Plaza located at 2636 Latham Drive, will begin at 1:00 PM with a celebratory program and will continue with a family festival. School families, alumni, and employees are invited for the afternoon festivities and Congresswoman Doris Matsui will welcome guests.

Fifty years ago, when there were hop farms on Latham Drive along the American River, Sacramento Country Day School opened its doors to its first 12 students.  Herbert Matthews, a retired public and private school teacher and administrator, was convinced by Sacramento State educator Baxter Geeting that there was a need for an alternative option for students in Sacramento. Country Day has grown from its 12-student beginning to a pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade school offering a college-preparatory, liberal arts education to 500 students.

“Since its inception, Sacramento County Day School has provided a challenging and engaging education to students who demonstrate strong academic potential,” said Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-06). “It has been amazing to see the school grow over the years and I look forward to celebrating its 50th anniversary.”

Octagon Wins a Pacemaker at National Convention

The Octagon was chosen as a Pacemaker at the national high-school journalism convention in San Antonio, Texas, November 15-18. The Pacemaker, known as “the Pulitzer Prize of high-school journalism,” is awarded by the National Scholastic Press Association.  Editors-in-chief of the 2011-12 Octagon, which won the award, are Mollie Berg, Ian Cardle, and Christina Petlowany, all class of ’12. Nineteen staff members, including Petlowany and former staffer Margaret Whitney, were in San Antonio to pick up the award. Although the Octagon has been a Pacemaker Finalist five times, the paper has won the Pacemaker only once before, in 2002, under editors-in-chief Zach Goldstein and Elise Craig, both ’02.  Pacemakers are judged in six categories: coverage and content; quality of writing and reporting; leadership on the opinion page; evidence of in-depth reporting; layout and design; and photography, art and graphics. Professional journalists judge the contest.

Adviser Patricia Fels admitted that after a decade of disappointment, she never expected to win the award again. Ten years ago the staff voted not to go to Dallas, where the 2002 convention was held. Last year they went to Minneapolis as Finalists but didn’t win the award. “Minneapolis was so discouraging that I tried to talk everyone out of going to San Antonio,” Fels said. “But they overruled me, and I’m so glad they did.”

The Octagon also placed fourth in Best of Show for newspapers from 9-12 pages, and five staff members won awards for on-site contests:  junior Darby Bosco (Honorable Mention in Sports Writing); junior Ryan Ho (Excellent in Newswriting); senior Jeffrey Caves (Excellent in News Editing/Headline Writing); junior Connor Martin (Superior in Review Writing); and junior Kamira Patel (Superior in Literary Magazine: Illustration).

Country Day is Top Fundraising Team for Run to Feed the Hungry

On Thanksgiving morning, Sacramento Country Day School will participate in the annual Run to Feed the Hungry as the number one fundraising team for the past six years. When Country Day, with a team roster of around 50, first joined the effort in 2006, the school was surprised when they led the field in team fundraising with contributions of just over $5,000. It then became a challenge to maintain the momentum, and the next year the team led again with close to $10,000 in contributions. With team membership growing each year to last year’s 200-person team, the total raised by Country Day team members over the six-year period is close to $60,000. This figure translates to $600,000 of goods and services for the beneficiary of the race – the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services (SFBFS). Due to the great partnerships with local vendors, SFBFS is able to leverage funds to turn every $1 donated into $10 worth of products and services for the Sacramento community.

Sixty-foot Chalk Mural to Replicate Tiffany Windows

Replicating stained glass windows using chalk on concrete is the goal of Country Day high School students on Friday. Celebrating the art of Louis Comfort Tiffany, students will replicate ten different windows, each on a 6’ x 8’ concrete rectangle. Students will spend five hours on their hands and knees creating a work of art of 60 feet of concrete. The long sidewalk becomes, for one day only, a chalk mural commemorating the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Sponsored by the school’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society, this cooperative creation is an annual event, first started by students in 1992 to honor the birthday of Pablo Picasso. Subsequent years have seen impressive recreations of other famous artists including Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, Edward Hopper, Van Gogh, and Wayne Thiebaud.

The chalk images are planned, designed, and rendered entirely by students and the finished mural is a spectacular visual display of talent at Sacramento Country Day School. An ephemeral event, the mural is on display only until the rain washes it away!

Renaissance Faire Brings Classroom Study to Life for Middle School Students

Come hither to the Sacramento Country Day School campus on Friday and experience a day in the life of a Renaissance community, from the opening procession and maypole dance to the noon-time feast and tournament of games. From 10:45 a.m. to 3:20 p.m., seventh-grade students and faculty take over the Middle School Plaza for their annual Renaissance Faire, the culmination of their cross-curriculum study of the Renaissance period in their English, history, science, art, and music classes.

The Faire features games guilds and merchants; students and teachers dressed as lords, ladies, squires, bakers, brewers, painters, chemists, barbers, fortune tellers, and jesters; and a meal of chicken legs, lamb stew, hunks of bread and cheese, fruit, and cider.

Looking for quality herbs? Visit the apothecary guild for potions, lotions, and remedies. Need a hair cut or your tooth pulled? Stop by the barber/surgeon; he does it all. Test your strength with rope-pulling and your aim at the marshmallow archery range.

You’re invited to join us and take a step back in time with the students at Sacramento Country Day School.

Forty-foot Chalk Mural Celebrates Andy Warhol

Campbell’s soup cans, icon images, dollar symbols – well-known work by pop artist Andy Warhol – will be replicated on concrete by the student artists of Sacramento Country Day High School. Students will spend five hours on Friday on their hands and knees creating a work of art out of 40 feet of concrete. The long sidewalk, normally an unpretentious path to the college counseling office, becomes, for one day only, a chalk mural commemorating the paintings of Andy Warhol.

Sponsored by the school’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society, this cooperative creation is an annual event, first started by students in 1992 to honor the birthday of Pablo Picasso. Subsequent years have seen impressive recreations of other famous artists including Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, Edward Hopper, Van Gogh, and Wayne Thiebaud. The year Mr. Thiebaud’s work was celebrated, the artist himself came by to see the mural.

The chalk images are planned, designed, and rendered entirely by students and the finished mural is a spectacular visual display of talent at Sacramento Country Day School. An ephemeral event, the mural is on display only until the rain washes it away!

Country Day Prepares a Polyglot Reading of “The Cat in the Hat

High School students and teachers at Sacramento Country Day School are paying tribute to the birthday of Dr. Seuss on March 3 with a multi-language reading of “The Cat in the Hat.”  Stanzas will be read in Vietnamese, Tamil, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Ukrainian, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Flemish, and Indonesian as well as French, Spanish, German, Italian, and English.  Language students are working on their translations now, while some students will read in their native language.  Faculty will also play a part, reading segments in ancient Greek, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Arabic.   The event is part of the “Read Across America” promotion of reading awareness sponsored by the National Education Association.

Country Day Celebrates World Cultures with Songs, Games, and Food

Sacramento Country Day School celebrated world cultures with a parade, songs in Spanish and French, food from different countries, and a performance from alumnus Gustavo Galindo singing songs from his upcoming album Entre la Ciudad y el Mar.  Pre-kindergartners in their Pitchy Patchy vests danced their way through campus to the gym, followed by the rest of the SCDS community, drummers, and giant puppets.  Many students dressed in costumes from different countries.  At the morning assembly, 2nd and 4th graders sang French and Spanish songs, and class of 2000 graduate Gustavo Galindo entertained with guitar and songs.   Middle School students created flags from different countries and decorated the quad, where an international lunch filled four 8-foot tables.  The High School held its annual Passport Lunch fundraiser, where students prepare foods from different countries and diners purchase a “passport” to travel from classroom to classroom for lunch. Over $800 was raised for Country Day’s sister school, The Rulindo School, in Rwanda.

Country Day Class Teaches Survival Skills for Seniors Off to College

How to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen, Fighting Fatigue in College, Smart Snack Choices in the Dorm.   These are just a few of the topics in Sacramento Country Day School’s “College Health and Nutrition” class, taught by High School science teacher Kellie Whited.  “The class focuses on non-academic pressures students may face in college, for example, cooking and shopping for themselves, staying fit, dealing with roommates, budgeting, sex, drugs, and stress,” says Dr. Whited.  Whited is the Middle and High School Science Department chair at Country Day and teaches biology in the High School.  She has a BS in Animal Science and a PhD in Nutritional Biology, both from UC Davis.