High School

A Smart Choice

Traditionally, all of our High School’s graduates continue their educations at four-year colleges and universities across the nation. Academic excellence, therefore, is central to our mission. In a high school where the average class size is 12, and the student-to-teacher ratio is 9:1, the opportunity for students to thrive intellectually under the close guidance of skilled teachers is the norm.

In addition to a rigorous curriculum, our students’ preparation for college includes extracurricular activities that promote discipline, responsibility, and teamwork. The school-wide focus on ethics and values encourages our students to develop strong moral standards.

Academic challenge, extracurricular opportunity, and participation in a supportive community – these characterize the SCDS experience. We send forth into society independent, self-confident young adults who become leaders in their communities and beyond.

Graduation Requirements

English – Four Years
Mathematics – Three Years through Algebra II (Four Recommended)
Science – Three Years of Laboratory Science (Four Recommended)
History – Three Years (Four Recommended)
World Language – Three Consecutive Years of the Same Language (Four Recommended)
Visual & Performing Arts – Three Consecutive Trimesters of the Same Course
Computer Science – Starting in the 9th grade, students are issued laptop computers. Use of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is embedded in academic and elective classes, and teachers use Google sites for class webpages.
Physical Education – Six Trimesters, Six Seasons of Interscholastic Sports, or Six Trimesters of Independent PE
Community Service – Fifty Hours
Senior Seminars – Seniors participate in life-skills seminars during the last two weeks of school.

Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement classes are widely recognized for their rigor and for the opportunity to earn college credit or advanced standing at most colleges and universities. Advanced Placement classes are offered in English Language (11th grade), English Literature (12th grade), U.S. History, European History, Art History, Studio Art, Microeconomics, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Biology, Chemistry, Physics B, Physics C (Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism), Latin (Vergil), French, and Spanish. In 2013, the school administered 176 AP exams in 17 subjects. Most Country Day students take several AP classes, some leaving our High School with college sophomore standing.

SAT Performance

All SCDS juniors and seniors take the SAT each year.

SAT Averages for the Classes of 2006-13:
SAT Critical Reading Average – 615
SAT Math Average – 636
SAT Writing Average – 632


Octagon (student newspaper), Medallion (student yearbook), Community Service, Great Books, Nutrition, College Health & Nutrition, Public Speaking/Poetry Out Loud, Mock Trial, Current Events, Music, Drama, Art, Film as Literature, Biology of the B-Movie, Forensic Science, Music Appreciation, World Arts and Culture: Ethnic Voices, and Physical Education

Community Service

50 hours required for all students. The student community focuses its philanthropic activity in four areas: Breakthrough Sacramento, Run to Feed the Hungry, the Dyer-Kelly K-5 School, and the Rulindo School in Rwanda.

Extracurricular Activities

The Outdoor Education program and an annual trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival provide exciting off-campus educational opportunities. A national Pacemaker winner and six-time nominee, the Octagon newspaper is published eight times a year in print and updated more often online. The award-winning Medallion yearbook is distributed to all students. Student government, dramatic productions, dances, a prize-winning literary magazine, the annual Chalk Mural, Mock Trial competition, and diverse instrumental groups round out the extracurricular program.

Additional Information

High School Curriculum Guide 2014-15
High School Parent/Student Handbook
High School Parent/Student Agreement

High School Schedule
High School ABCDEF Calendar Days
Drug and Alcohol Agreement (Signatures required)
Laptop Use Form (Required for 9th grade and new 10th or 11th grade)
eReader Use and Permission Form
Student Driver Agreement (Required for Student Drivers)
Community Service Log (Signatures required)
Athletic Clearance/Physician’s Certification and Cavalier Code (2 pages) (Required for Athletes)
PE Locker Contract & Clothing Requirements (Required for students in PE)
Independent PE Application & Forms

High School Textbooks
Summer Reading